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Saturday 22nd April

Sunday 21st May

Saturday 3rd June

Saturday 17th June

Sunday 18th June

Saturday 1st July

Saturday 15th July

Saturday 29th July

Saturday 12th August

Saturday 16th September

Saturday 30th September

Saturday 21st October

Saturday 18th November


Tours cost £6.00 (including an online booking fee) per person.

 HOW TO BOOK?                                                                                         

Use the form below to contact me. No more than 10 people will be on the tour at any one time and the tour will run even if only one person books a place.

WHERE? GETTING THERE AND BACK                                                           

The start and end of the tour are close to several public transport links with ample on street parking. The tour starts in Perry Barr a few miles north of Birmingham City Centre and ends at The Crossroads of Sabbath, Newtown. When you book a place on one of the forthcoming tours you will be sent details of where to meet and how to get there.


The Download has been taken down. I wasn’t happy with. Maybe one day I’ll redo it but for now the download I was able to offer didn’t work in the way I wanted.

It is now possible to download a version of the tour absolutely free to your iPhone. This version of the tour is text based giving truncated versions of the live tour/fanzine commentaries. A google map function alongside images shows the route and locations.

Use the button below to get to the Crossroads of Sabbath page of the app providers website.

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