Me at selling my soul for rock n roll at The Crossroads.

Me, selling my soul for rock n roll at The Crossroads.



I came to appreciate Black Sabbath through the music of the Birmingham band Einstellung* who use drop tunings and volume on the colossal riffs in their instrumental pieces. I began to learn more about the history of Black Sabbath and the Birmingham music scene of the 1960s through my work for the Home of Metal project. As a result I have developed a fanatical interest in the development of Black Sabbath during the time when they lived in Aston – just round the corner from me. I am passionate about bringing Birmingham’s rich musical heritage to wider consciousness having observed the way that other cities of lesser musical pedigree have successfully exploited their back catalogue. With an understanding of music culture developed over 20 years of sustained academic study I am evangelical in my belief that the enduring legacy of Black Sabbath is as significant as that of Wagner, Mozart, Beethoven, Elgar and others. Those legacies do not happen by accident though. I hope that my work ensures that in 100 years time the Black Sabbath story is still being told.

Geezer, Tony, Ozzy & Bill –  the local lads, the band from up the road… who just so happen to be the most magical groups of young men ever to enter a recording studio. Oh Yeah! Don’t just take my word for it. This is what Stuart Maconie had to say about Black Sabbath in the week when their new album went straight into the charts at number one. “There is no doubt – I would put Black Sabbath, maybe, almost a bit of hyperboley – up with The Beatles in terms of a British band who’ve had a global influence. Because modern heavy metal in all its bewildering varieties from black metal to speed metal to stoner rock and hard rock. Most of it you can trace back to Black Sabbath’s work in the early 1970’s”

*I also believe that Einstellung are the best, most exciting and original group of (not so) young men to enter a recording studio since Black Sabbath. Make up your own mind. Here they are LOUD and PROUD. And doing it … ‘cos they have to. This was recorded by Colin the postman on the 40th anniversary of the release of V06 – just oop the road from  the site of Henry’s Blueshouse. We didn’t get paid. And if we did, there is a high probability that they would have given it back. Einstellung – Love Over Gold.

einstellung_townhall_landscape[1] copy

Einstellung onstage at the oldest working concert hall in the country. 10th February 2010. (Robert Horrocks)


Einstellung at Eastside Projects 21st October 2011 (Robert Horrocks)

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